Monday, February 28, 2011



Dear Heart ,
I know it's hard.
But you need to move on.
Now. Please.

I guess, I shouldn't mention about it anymore.
Perhaps that will help a bit.

But why do you keep visiting me in my dreams huh?
I don't want you and I don't want to see you.
It'll make it even more harder for me *Sigh

Actually I feel lucky for those who has good family background.
Don't get me wrong.
What I mean is that family who implement Islamic teachings and values correctly.

Still, iman tak dapat diwarisi.
Everything that happens are for the best, right? :)
That's why. And now I learn from it.

So I have drafted few things for my future children *Grins.
But I plan to learn more about psychology of children.
On how to treat them and teach them correctly.
On how to motivate them etc.
I guess I can learn those from books.
So from now on, I'll be hunting such books *Grins

No matter how excellent (idk!) my plans are, pandangan si suami perlulah diambil kira :D
*As if I have one :D

Berpijak pada realiti.
I know it seems ambitious.
Especially for a person who haven't yet married.
And not officially engaged to anyone.
But, dreams will keep you alive right? :D

I don't know.
People say, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.
And also, aim for the moon.
If you don't get the moon, you'll still get the stars.
But to think logically, stars are actually higher,
and even farther if compared to the moon :D

Terimalah semua yang telah Allah berikan kepadamu, dan jadilah kamu termasuk orang-orang yang bersyukur (Al-'Araf:144)

Should I be flattered?
OR are you trying to be sarcastic?
It's totally unclear.

Bicara Dari Diri Untuk Diri;

Menangis kesedihan saat diri didatangi permasalahan.
Wahai diri, sedarkah engkau akan permasalahan itulah juga yang mendekatkan dirimu dengan Yang Maha Kuasa?
Yakinilah pada Dia.
Dia menyayangiMu, akan sebab itulah Dia menjadikan perkara itu sebegitu,
agar dirimu sentiasa mengingatiNya

This one was written years ago.
But I guess it means a lot to me.
Till then.

Salam Sayang,

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