Sunday, February 27, 2011

A short post.


Just arrived from Rumah Ehsan.
A bit tired but I'm glad that it went smoothly.
* Letih sampai tertidur atas bas :D

Yeah. I do agree with Dr Shamsul's point
*Life is just like a cycle.

It makes me wondering.
How my life will end one day.
Ya Rabb. Be it the best for me.

Lima Perkara Sebelum Lima Perkara.

1. Sihat sebelum sakit.
2. Muda sebelum tua.
3. Kaya sebelum miskin.
4. Lapang sebelum sempit.
5. Hidup sebelum mati.

I wish I could join the proggramme to Sekolah Irsyad.
* You know how I adore kids *Grins
But I already signed up for the Baitul Muslim Course.
*Boleh tak escape jap pagi Ahad tu? Haha :P

I miss the 'liking' things.
(Even though I need to move on)
I wonder.
Would it ever be the same again? *Sigh

I miss my mum and my dad too.

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