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Dear readers, first of all, I would like to apologize if there is anything written here had cause a bit chaos.

I never expect those things to happen and never saw it coming.

But first, please don't try to deduce anything from this blog.

Again, I want to emphasize that what is being written is purposely written so abstractly so that no one would understand, except me and Allah.

And I did try testing it by asking someone to read it and interpret it, and she obviously had misinterpret it.

P/s: That person is close to me, yet she misunderstands it.

For a person who never knows anything about my story, my previous life etc, I bet will never understand the real meaning of what I had written here.

Perhaps you might misjudge the whole content as it looks so easy to understand.
But the truth is, it is not that easy.

Still, I would like to apologize since I'm the one who starts the chaos and complicate things.

Actually, I don't really mind if people misjudge me etc, because I know, Allah knows me best :)

And you can't really satisfy others (especially all!).
Satisfy Him.

But since it might INVOLVE OTHERS, so I guess it is a need for me to explain them.

By the way, I don't mind any sincere criticism that brings benefits to me.

* ***** ********* ***** *
Just wanna share a story.

One day, there is a man with his friend sitting in the pavement waiting to pick a bus.

Then an old beggar came, asked for some money. He looks old and so hungry.

The man gave him RM5 to the old beggar and smile. Later, another beggar came.

She is a girl, so beautiful that might captures the heart of whom seeing her.

The same man gave her RM400, leaving the girl smiling so happily.

His friend saw all these and said sarcastically "Double standard, huh!"

The man smiles again and said:

"The previous beggar is an old man, he might need some money to buy food since he seems so hungry. But the girl, she is beautiful. If I don't help her, she might end up doing forbidden things such as adultery to gain some money,"

Moral Of The Story:
If you see me wrong, care to advice me, and correct my wrong.
However, if somehow the same error in me which you dislike happen to be present in yourself, don't forget to fix your errors too.
Before we judge others, judge ourselves first.
Before Allah judge us on the Day there will be no other judge but Him, judge ourselves here first.

******** ***** **********

P/s: Just wanna mention one thing. When I said sweetheart, darling etc, it refers to no one else but me. It is a monologue by the way.

And also, this one is a direct entry, no hidden meaning behind it. And, the star thing (***) has its' own significant meaning, but again, you might misjudge it. And in the previous post, it has got nothing to do with people

And about me writing things, I'm sort of person who needs to write when I'm thinking. And when I conclude, it's another aim for me to achieve.
That's just who I am

Plus I have my own reasons why I write it down in blogs rather than just a piece of paper, but I don't think I need to explain all that.

"Know that a person who advices you, loves you and a person who flatters you has deceived you. A person who does not accept your (sincere) advice, is not your brother. Umar said,"There is no good in a people who do not advise, and there is no good in a people who do not love those who give it,"

Reference: Al Mustarshidin, written by Al-Muhasibi who was a sufi around the 2nd or 3rd century from Baghdad.

---- -----

Watch your thoughts, they will become your words.
Watch your words, they will become your action.
Watch your actions, they will become your habits.
Watch your habits, they will become your character
Watch your character, it will become your destiny

A reminder to myself especially.

---- -----

May Allah guide us and protect us from fitnah. Ameen.


Salam sayang,


  1. Yeay, first comment.

    Hmm, nice entry about misunderstanding and stuffs. I wonder what led you to write such things. But as a rule of thumb, igtla yang Allah itu Maha Melihat, Dialah yang tahu segala di dalam hati manusia. Haha, kkdg, dirinipn terjudge org jgak, nak buat cnr, manusia, terbuat silap jgak.. And yes, people change.. So, lets jz leave the past behind yeah.. Kdg2, dosa, khilaf dan kelemahan seseorang itulah yg membuat dia lebih dekat dgn Allah(I'm not saying you should all clubbing tonight).. And this goes first to the person writing it.

    -anonymously annoying-

  2. To anonymously annoying:

    Again, nice name *Grins
    Do agree with your point. So do I *sigh
    Committing mistakes as if He's not watching us, but indeed He is watching.

    Let alone the reasons haha :D
    Misunderstanding is common by the way.

    P/s: Do I know you?

  3. Actually, I don't really mind if people misjudge me etc, because I know, Allah knows me best :)

    agree!(found this being quoted by many) but it hardly actualized (differentiate this with realize) by

    weakness.yeah, but again, not every athar you can interpret it just by reading it,(let alone the fact that you are

    reading the translated version of about literature)
    then a person with a 'hyperthymesia' would be a muhaddith, maybe raisul muhaddith(u know the conditions need to be

    fulfilled to be one and of course this goes to the one giving you those quote)..haha.gotcha!
    even sometimes one accidentally interpreted it correctly, it's still not the proper way...oops!bad

    assumption..maybe she met with a knowledgeable people on it.

    anyway...i think i'm the start codon, so i might be largely responsible for this...

    so..lets learn some lesson from this shall we. I'll start with my account on this.
    1s..i'm with some people who talked about you (mistke in choosing partner)
    2n..i listened to them ( i didnt walk away)
    3rd..i did looked for you (on the basis to confirm the foolish of me, if i can reason with this during

    the trial and get approved by Him then it's whole different story.haha)al-ghaffir: 19
    4th..i wasted my time to read almost all of your posts (blame me for not committing my time, wealth and strength

    solely for Allah)
    5th..i decided to interfere and stir things up (though i didn hope for it, i foresaw this earlier)
    for no 4 and 5 i should know that i shouldn't be involved in things which doesn't concern me.there's a source for

    this, i wouldnt be quoting it(actually i'm concerned with it, but i'm not sure of whether i SHOULD be concerned

    with it)..purposely.maybe you can ask the muhaddith around (if they even exist this day..)

    yeah, i enjoyed my time here..
    nice neurobic btw.(wow..what is that?)
    but of course, can this ( my doings) be considered ibadah?
    I dislike being ignorant, but when granted with 'ilm, i find myself struggling to act accordingly...and failed

    consequently, frustrated with such loss rarely.
    May we be guided.

    Impostor!i'm the real -anonymously annoying-!
    well, that's fine (superficially) by me though..
    i'll just come out with a new one

    -anonymously annoyed-

    P/s: would it be fair for the one who conceals his/her identity to give clues that'll compromise the secrecy of the intended hidden identity?...haha, i like english though i'm still noob.


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