Friday, February 18, 2011



Standing between 2 extremes is sure not an easy job for me.

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Today I got a message from my sis, saying:
"Ma kato, sebab ah pilih ma, jadi ma nak jago ah molek,"

Tears rolling down my cheek, and I'm totally speechless by the moment I read it.
They do love me, with all of their hearts and they once said:

"Kalau anok anok ma pecah berkecai jadi serpihan serpihan kecik mano pun, biarlah. Ma abah akan kutip so so cantum semula,"
And when she said it, she meant it and she already proved it, in previous cases.

I still remembered, the last time I went home, mom bakes me a cake (without me knowing), nasi himpit + kuah satay, and bought lots (lots and lots) of food that I used to love them a lot during my childhood.

Abah, sleeping around 4.30am in the morning just to repair my old laptop since it's Chinese New Year, so shops were closed despite the fact that he is not healthy ;myocardial infarct and hypertension.

Mum: A very (superb) strong woman I've ever known. A loyal princess who never betrays.
Dad: I inherit his emotions. And also those art and music things. And it goes to every single of my siblings.

1 6 4 4 2 3

All those conditions.
I'm trying hard. Very hard.

What's up with the stare?
As if I'm an alien

Fact: I'm a normal human being *Grins


I'm not the only one whom facing the similar problems.
Dear Dik I, be strong!
Betapa susahnya ujian kita, la tahzan!
Segala yang sukar itu bukan sia-sia.
Sekurang-kurangnya dirimu masih mempunyai peluang.
Sedangkan Kak A***n ni, sangat sukar.
Lagi sukar dan lagi berkerikil perjalanannya.

Spending the whole evening with children, 5 of them.
Being with them makes me forget things that I should forget, as if I'm in heaven.
But sure non comparable with the real Jannah.
I'm wanting my own, since I was 16 *sigh
But no one seems to understand

If I ever want to change, it's all because of Him.
Not because of someone else.
And that's why I choose to separate.
And for H.L.P.
Not referring to anyone.


Quite busy lately, wasting time.
A bit distracted.
Hey. Be sure to read those.

P/s: Don't speculate things.
Let alone me and my thoughts, unless for amar makruf nahi munkar.

Till then.

Salam sayang,

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